Organic superfoods

Organic Superfoods

Organic Superfoods are considered a complete superfood rich in protein, complex carbohydrate, antioxidant and minerals. We believe that health is essential to happiness and healthy food is the basis of a healthy life. We offer fresh, raw, certified organic, superfoods in small to big quantities. Since we’re in direct contact with the growers and farmers in several countries across the globe, we can manage almost any volume with up to 20 tons per month per product. If you wish to order bulk superfoods we suggest to read our page about bulk superfoods.

Our range of superfoods consists of a variety of well known and popular superfoods. Organic superfoods like Bee Pollen, Organic Chia Seeds and Organic Raw Cacao Nibs can be found in our assortment.

All our superfoods are organic, while most foods sold in supermarkets are grown and produced using toxic chemicals, processed at high temperatures, irradiated, destroying all the beneficial vitamins and minerals.

Organic Certified Superfoods

As stated above, all our products are organic certified. Below you can see our organic certificate which applies to all our products and processes.

Organic certificate superfood

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